Wealth Management


Whether you inherited wealth, want to preserve and grow your family wealth and business, are in the group of high-net-worth individuals or even ultra-high net individuals, we are here to help you manage the financial resources.

Our main objectives:

We will always generate our clients a satisfying return, but it is directly related to your risk profile and availability to take additional steps with more diverse and volatile products.

Risk Management

Preserve the entrusted resources by all means and mitigate all the market volatility, corrections and possible crises.


Multiply and grow the entrusted resources by choosing the suitable products to invest in.

At Leiko Tokyo Securities we will identify investment options and opportunities that will reach your desired goals.

Everything you can achieve with us is done via professional intermediaries like your Private Banker, the research team, the customer service team, technical support team, etc. We are all involved in one single activity – grow the assets that were given to us. This is why individuals and companies choose to entrust their wealth management to a whole competent team rather than take decisions on their own.

We can beat market or we can operate with fixed-income products in order to just protect your wealth from inflation and other factors. We consider your wishes and your plans before making any further step. It is a common work and we honor our obligations and promises.

It is not important for us the size of your wealth – we can deal with any range since our client base is formed from different entities. Our principles are the same with everyone – preservation of your wealth, and growing by safe methods for your better future.